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Jul 20

10 quick plots in R with ggplot2

With the ggplot2 package in R it is possible to create almost any type of chart. Sometimes it takes me more time than I want to just create a simple plot, because I forgot what the data structure…

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Jun 15

Loop through files and tabs in QlikView

A very useful code to know in order to develop a QlikView dashboard is how to loop through files and tabs in Excel sheets. In this post I’ll share the codes with you!

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Jan 25

Text mining analysis including full code in R

Recently I was working on a text mining project, but I ran into a few problems which took me some time to sort out. The project itself wasn’t to complicated, but finding the right codes…

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Jan 16

How to start working with leaflet in R

Again a post about how to plot maps in R, but this time I’ll explain how to use leaflet. If you want to know more about plotting shapefiles in R, you can read my previous post. This post…

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Jan 13

R tutorial: plot maps from shapefiles

In my opinion, visualizations are always better than showing data tables. Whenever I work with spatial data, I like to plot the data on a map. There are several ways to visualize shapefile…

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Jan 5

The ultimate guide to decision trees in R – Part 1

You want to use a predictive model and after reading articles on the internet, you decided to go for a decision tree. You are familiar with different machine learning techniques…

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Dec 20

4 Examples to visualize a correlation matrix in R

One of the first things you probably do with a dataset, is checking the number of records, counting the number of variables and understanding what the variables…

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Dec 14

6 Most used machine learning algorithms

There are so many machine learning algorithms, sometimes it’s hard to find the right one. But a couple of algorithms suit many applications and therefore are very popular. I’ve…

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Oct 17

Create an interactive pictogram chart with d3.js

A pictogram chart is a great alternative to show percentages other than using a standard pie or bar chart. In this tutorial I explain how to create a pictogram chart with d3.js…

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Oct 6

Basics of web scraping in R with rvest

Web scraping may seem very difficult, but with some basic R knowledge you can easily scrape your first website. In this article I explain how to scrape information from TripAdvisor…

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Oct 3

Three ways to create a heatmap in R

In this blog post I will show you how to create three types of heatmaps in R by using three different functions. The heatmap is a type of chart which is very intuitive. If you use colors in the right way…

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Jul 24

How to import Google Analytics data in R

As a website owner, Google Analytics is one of the most important tools for me. It gives me statistics about my visitors and target group, which pages are interesting to people and how often someone returns…

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